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Structure your meetings

Structure your meetings

Specify the topic, select time and the attendees of your planned meeting in ConSense Minutes! Prepare the topics and agenda in a clear structure. ConSense Minutes also supports use of predefined meeting templates.

Make it Easy

Make notes fast and easy

ConSense Minutes is always ready and easy to use. Use computer or a laptop during your meeting to type minutes that everybody can follow on a projector. All additional notes and open topics that do not fit directly in the minutes or are not part of your agenda, will find their place in the Idea Storage Area.

Document your meetings

Document your meetings

With ConSense Minutes it is easy to document topics, agenda items, relevant statements, resolutions and ideas to make perfect minutes. Assign tasks directly to the attendees: Send the minutes via e-mail to everyone that was present at the meeting.


Print for various purposes

ConSense Minutes print templates allow you to print out your meeting minutes in various layouts for different purposes: print out whole minutes or just an overview site of the agenda and main topics. With only a click, you can easily create task list or many others, based on the occasion.

Distribute tasks

Distribute tasks

ConSense Minutes offers you different export possibilities. The simplest one is to send minutes directly per email to all attendees. Additionally you can transfer all tasks for future editing and easy follow-up to the MS Outlook or into the ConSense Action Management.


Kick-off meeting with a customer. ConSense Minutes runs on the projector. All attendees can see how ideas are being collected and tasks distributed. No idea goes lost and everybody can immediately see what their future tasks are.

A project meeting is approaching. All attendees were conveniently informed in advance about the meetings' schedule. During the meeting can the responsible for writing the minutes quickly and easily fill in the agenda items with important resolutions and statements. At the end he sends the minutes to all attendees per email.

Frequently Asked Questions

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